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R.Biemme S.R.L. is an engineering company that manufactures

metal sheets, tubes, wires and profiles as per customer drawings.

R.Biemme S.R.L. has important customers in many international

industrial markets, ranging from shop furnishing to general

machine manufacturing.

For the manufacturing process, especially for slotting tubular

profiles, special automated machines are used, which are patentprotected

and have been designed and fully made in-house.

The massive investments in technological innovation have boosted

growth and development in recent years.

Providing efficient service and meeting customer expectations

are the major goals of this company that does so with timely

responses through its structure built to advise and follow every

new application.

R.Biemme boasts a 10-year experience in the production

of metal sheet components that cover a wide range of

applications: from components for the furnishing sector, such as

shelving and wall unit supports and accessories, to CNC machine

electrical cabinets.

R.Biemme provides: cutting, punching, laser cutting, CNC

bending, profiling, coil stamping, secondary stamping and

padding. Furthermore, it has an in-house assembly and welding unit.

R.Biemme also assists customers with a design service, in order

to integrate the requirements and expectations of those who want

a product and those who manufacture it, thereby improving its

quality and feasibility.

Other types of processing, such as flanging, embossing and

various kinds of punching, are carried out on the terminal ends of

both aluminium alloy and steel tubular profiles.

R.Biemme tubular profiles can be joined together to create the

required length. The illustrated example refers to the application

of tubular profiles to household appliance components, such as

steam irons or vacuum cleaners.


Our laser cutting and punching systems are
the result of cutting-edge technology and are
equipped with automatic feed and discharge.