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(Italiano) Arredamento

“STRUCTURA” is a line born to satisfy several designers’ and shopfitters’ needs,
designers who, making already use of carpentries, require metal bearing frames in
order to realize functional, efficient and inexpensive furnishings.
“STRUCTURA” presents a range of metal components to fit in with: tops, backs and
other accessories designed in shape and colour by yourselves.
It allows every time to change the image of the fittings and to support your own creativity.
Producing this new line, R. Biemme S.r.l., besides having several uprights’ outlines
with various slottings, can realize slotted tubes or sections of any shape, has new
leading technologies in order to provide you with innumerable plate accessories, also
It is also provided with an internal technical department that is able to materialize your
plans, always ready to help you designing new fittings’ frames and franchising.