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MCR Mecc s.r.l. has become over the years a specialized mechanical company, certified ISO 9002, with
diversified activities and each operating in dedicated plants.
The company is currently organized on covered production areas of 15,000 sqm. It is provided with a technical department for design advice and
quotations related to the various activities, thanks also to a modern computer system that handles accounting, warehouse and manufacturing. The
presence of a tooling department within the company allows the construction of molds and plants as well as dedicated machineries such as slots for
tubular tyres and metal profiles, applying a new method of manufacture covered and protected by international patent.
Another important activity of the group is the design and manufacture of mechanical actuators, meant for handling of armchairs, sofas and whatever
should be handled and protected by patent. The group has recently diversified through the production of mechanical parts, by using the powder
technology. The system installed allows the realization of bronze, iron and stainless steel self-lubricating bushes, bronze and stainless steel filters,
steel mechanical parts according to the customer’s design with a particular versatility of the plant to produce stainless steel.


R.Biemme is able to conceive mechanisms with all
their functional features, systems suited to transfer
dynamism and beneficial effects.
R.Biemme puts the first starting ideas into a
final project, ready to be moved to the stage of
In this stage mechanisms are optimized to assist the
production’s phases through a technical examination
of the parts and a functional analysis of the project’s